Monday, June 13, 2011

The Last Few Days Of TT

Well it’s nearly over. 2 weeks of fantastic racing and sight seeing on the most beautiful island (my opinion) in the Irish Sea.

An unexpected bonus was a joy flight over the island.  Yep, that’s me, just like riding a sidecar.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 046

Once it was off the ground it was easy.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 037  JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 069

Now to get this thing down.  The white spot to the right is a big plane waiting for me. SCARY, not really as the shoulder belongs to the proper pilot. 

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 074JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 077

Friday is the final race, 6 laps of the circuit, 226.5 miles at an average speed of 130 miles per hour. The riders leave the start line at 10 second intervals so even the rider who is last off the line has an even chance of winning. The race has to be run in either total wet or dry conditions due to the tyres used, so when it rained on one small section of the course, the race was postponed for a few hours.  We were in our position at 7am, but we were still not the first ones there.  Bradden Bridge is a very popular viewing spot with great food and amenities in the church hall.

JH Fri 10 Jun & Sat 11 Jun 005

Front row seats. You would pay hundreds of dollars for this at the GP races. Here, a few pounds admission to the church ladies and a few pounds to park behind the church, off the street. Our money, about $20.00 for a day at the races. There are plenty of places absolutely free but here no one minds paying for the use of the amenities and the GREAT food available. 

JH Fri 10 Jun & Sat 11 Jun 009

Janice’s feet, my hat shadow, the track. The race line is half way to the painted medium strip.

JH Fri 10 Jun & Sat 11 Jun 072 MH THursday and Friday Race Day 034

The church ladies and healthy food.

JH Fri 10 Jun & Sat 11 Jun 012

How’s this for roughing it at the races. This is what makes this spot so popular. Very civilised.

JH Fri 10 Jun & Sat 11 Jun 014

Where else in the world would one sit for 10 hours to see a racer go past 6 times?  You have to be there to experience the anticipation when the first rider starts.  EVERYBODY is on the edge of their seats listening to the commentary on their radios or over the PA system.  A rider may make up a place 30 miles away yet people all round the track will either cheer or ooooh, depending upon who they are supporting.

MH THursday and Friday Race Day 150MH THursday and Friday Race Day 154

The TT festival finishes with a race meeting at Castletown on the 4 mile Billown circut. A mass start of 40 riders and very fast close racing for 8 laps. Nice and close to the action.

MH Sat 11 Jun Post TT Races 017 MH Sat 11 Jun Post TT Races 107

Catch the ferry to Liverpool Monday afternoon.  SAD.  However, we have booked for 2013. Still so much to see and do.  Maybe 3 weeks in 2 years time.

Next stop?????????

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  1. You guys have really been living the high life on the Isle I see!! LOL!
    It's been such a blessing to backseat along your holiday at the TT. 2013, eh?? We wish...we so wish.
    Hugs to Janice for me!