Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Test Ride Olga

The Monday after Christmas started out very wet, however as the R75, Olga, needed a test ride, rain was not going to stop us. Two other mates braved the wet start to what ended up as a perfect day.

The ride was to be about 300 k's of up and down hills and fairly windy. A recent gearbox rebuild was the reason for this test. Bathurst to Rylstone for a coffee, then to Hill End via Mudgee and Hargraves for lunch.

We even had a few k's of dirt road near Hill End.

Olga performed perfectly. No jumping out of gear and no horrible noises. Our next trip will be a full days ride, find a pub, then come home. Hopefully a 1000k weekend. Getting ready for a 3 month tour in May. Wish me luck.