Thursday, June 30, 2011

Further South

We spent a full day looking around Braemar. You could spend weeks in this area if you were into bush walking and climbing or just soaking up the scenery, however South we go. In 2007 we were snowed on when the maximum temp for the day was 3. Guess where we rode through? Yep, the same valleys and ski fields.  STEEP.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 007

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 014

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 019

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 035

Next stop was for 2 nights in Sterling where they have (believe it or not) a bloody castle. Those who have seen Brave Heart will know of William Wallace.This is where he gave the Poms a flogging.

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 035

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 044

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 039

We braved commuting and caught a train into Edinburgh. Good move. The place was FULL. There was a military thing on all weekend with parades and displays, the local show and people every where  That includes us 2. We tried a bus tour but traffic jams put an end to that so we got off and walked. Nice place to visit but didn't bother with the castle, too many people and it is apparently like this all the time. On the train and home to Sterling.

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 055

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 059

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 198

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 067

The Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, was there to see us.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 212

South again, passing the Falkirk Wheel. It lifts and lowers boats to the different levels in the canals. Probably You Tube Falkirk Wheel to see it work.

MH Falkirk to Whitby 002

MH Falkirk to Whitby 003

Next stop was a walled town called Berwick-upon-Tweed. Nice.

MH Falkirk to Whitby 020

MH Falkirk to Whitby 016  MH Falkirk to Whitby 026

Today's ride was mostly major A roads, however Olga performed beautifully in the traffic. She must know she is getting close to going home. A week till we get her ready for shipping, still a lot can happen between now and then.

Next story from Whitby, where Captain Cook came from.

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