Monday, June 13, 2011

A Few Slow Days At The Races

Part of our holiday this time was to enter in the vintage bike rally that runs in conjunction with the TT festival.  It is run over the 3 days in between race days and is a nice way to meet different people and see the country side at a slow pace.

MH Sunday Rally & Purple Helmets 003

Sunday was to start from Kirk Michael with a ride to Peel.  The start was shown on TV with Olga being shown a few times. The ride was steep, slow and up roads that even some of the locals didn’t know about. Remember the IOM is only 13 miles wide and 30 long.JH Mad Sunday 5 Jun 068JH Mad Sunday 5 Jun 032  JH Mad Sunday 5 Jun 026

 JH Mad Sunday 5 Jun 086MH Sunday Rally & Purple Helmets 030

Tuesday was to Ramsey to participate in the Ramsey Sprint Festival with prime parking, then a ride around the north of the island.  The sidecars had an alternative route as 1 lane was a bit narrow.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 012

This is a two way road. 

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 016

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 013

Thursday was a  low key ride to Castletown for the rally presentation tea and awards. This ride took in the South of the island. Spectacular scenery.

JH Fri 2 Jun 085

JH Fri 2 Jun 086

Olga wins a TT trophy. Longest distance ridden to rally. 1650 miles.

JH Thursday 9 Jun Shopping 008

Janice wants one. 

JH Thursday 9 Jun Shopping 007

JH Thursday 9 Jun Shopping 006

All is good in paradise.

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