Friday, April 22, 2011

A Day Out For Sophia

Easter  Friday and not having to work, yippee.

April 2011 013

Every year at Easter there is a vintage bike rally based in Bathurst for a week. The lucky ones get to go on a ride every day to a different location. All day rides are about 100 k’s as this rally caters for the oldies. Us who have to work look forward to the chance to ride with all the oldies on the Friday and Saturday.

As our Olga is on her way to the UK it was Sophia’s turn for a day out. Sophia is a 1992 Moto Guzzi Mille GT. Very Italian red and sometimes a bit Italian cantankerous. Have not ridden her for a while, let alone riding with a pillion, the first few K’s were a bit wobbly. Getting to town and pumping the tyres up made a huge difference.


The meeting place before the ride is at the caravan park where about 200 bikes ranging from very early veterans,1915, up to the most modern, 2011. It doesn't matter what you ride, every one is there for the same reason, enjoyment.

While waiting to start I interrupted to see Janice sitting on a very rare Suzuki rotary. She got talking to the owner who said hop on and get your photo taken. This bloke tells us the history of the bike, how he manages to import them from the USA and how he has about 60 very rare and collectable bikes at his home. Nice and very informative bloke.

April 2011 019

The first part of the ride took us to Oberon for a coffee then to Tarana for a very relaxed lunch.

April 2011 029 

April 2011 034

Here we sat with a long time mate and had a long talk about lots of things while eating the best stuffed potato. I forgot to take a photo but a spud with roast vegies, yogurt and salad. Weird combination but YUMMY.

April 2011 036

From there to home.

We rode about 100 k’s, wobbled a few but had a great day. Cool weather, autumn colours and a glorious sounding and very attractive Italian in a red dress. What more could a bloke ask for?