Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still Going Slowly

Since leaving Lyndhurst we have travelled further west towards Cornwell. We are now close to the coast and the riding and countryside are spectacular.

MH To Cornwell 004

We are still having to use a few major A roads but they’re not nearly as hectic as the ones closer to London.

We ended up in a spot called West Bay at lunch time on Sunday.

 MH To Cornwell 006

This is where all the motorcycles come for their Sunday ride. We were lucky a find a parking spot. Had a walk, stony beach and big cliff.

MH To Cornwell 017

Crap fish and chips.

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 049

We then ended up in a place called Lyme Regis for the night. Very touristy but nice. Found a pub right in the middle of town and more walking.

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 090

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 072

Heading further south we are getting into hillier countryside, the riding is still great with a lot of very steep hills. One had 14% on a sign whatever that means. They should just say bloody steep. Olga’s brakes and gearbox are getting a good workout. (So am I.) 

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 133

We ended up in a little Cornish fishing village, Looe.

 JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 161

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 164

We had a slight altercation with the back of a car somewhere. Very busy roundabout, following an L plater. L plater has a car cut in front of her, jams on her brakes, Olga locks every thing up and just nudges the bumper bar. Woops. We have a bit of a dint on the nose, they had a small dint on their bumper. Insurance details exchanged and on our way again. The car damage could probably be polished out but I have the feeling that the bloke will go the whole insurance claim. I was so lucky that we didn’t hit with the front wheel or worse, get hit from behind. This put a bit of a dampener on the day, still smelly things happen.

Janice and Sabrina the navigators are still having a few problems but we do end up on some fairly nice lanes. We still ended up where we wanted to be. FUN

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 137

Tonight we are in St Austell in a B & B. We are here for 2 nights to have a good look around the coast here. We should get to the furthest point South today.It is only 6 hours flying to the USA across the Atlanitc.

Alls good, even some of the beer (or in this case, wine).

JH Lyndhurst to St Austell 128

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  1. So glad to hear the bingle wasn't a bad one. Take care you guys! :-)