Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally Here

After a lot of hard work , we have finally made it to the UK. The flight over was long and tiring but we both managed a bit of sleep so we weren't too shattered when we landed.

Home to Felixstowe 006

The first thing when landing was to get a cup of coffee and pick up the hire car. The internet booking made it all too easy. We picked up a nice little Peugeot and went and found our passengers, friends from Bathurst, and headed north to Felixstowe.  We christened our GPS Sabrina and for the first hour she got us fairly confused getting out of the airport area. So much traffic. Once on our way up the motorway it doesn’t take long to get into the GREEN countryside. I was getting a bit weary so we turned into a town called Chelmsford to have a walk and a coffee.

Home to Felixstowe 015

What a surprise this was. A busy little town with plenty of  to eat, an old church to take a photo of, (ABC TOURS) and our first Guiness in the Nags Head.

Home to Felixstowe 023

Home to Felixstowe 033

Finally made it to Felixstowe and got settled into our B & B.

MH  Felixstow to Canterbury 001

We then had to take the hire car back to Ipswich and catch the train back. By now I was getting very tired.

Home to Felixstowe 048

Back in town we had a walk, went to the sea side amusement arcade, very British, and met up with a few fellow travellers.

MH  Felixstow to Canterbury 003

Home to Felixstowe 057

Home to Felixstowe 060

Tea at the local Indian and home to bed. I was asleep before I hit the pillow.

Monday had us at the yard to pick up Olga and be on our way south to Canterbury .It took a few hours to get loaded and say our goodbyes and we were finally on our way.

MH  Felixstow to Canterbury 010MH  Felixstow to Canterbury 012

We knew today was going to be hard as to go south we had to battle the motorways and a lot of traffic, at speed. Them not us.

JH Felixstowe to Canterbury 013

Sabrina got us a bit confused a few times but all in all we had a good ride. We lost the plot for a while so when that happens the trick is to turn left.

JH Felixstowe to Canterbury 019

You find all sorts of places turning left. A pub.

JH Felixstowe to Canterbury 020

Lunch and gather the thoughts and we were off to Canterbury. Janice had found a B & B on the internet and I found it on the corner.We don’t like to book ahead as we are never sure how the day will turn out and where we will end up so with fingers crossed Janice went in and asked for 2 nights. No worries .Unpack Olga, trash the room and start exploring, looking for a Laundromat. We found the odd old building and finally a place to do the washing.

MH  Felixstow to Canterbury 025

Down to the Cricketer for a beer before tea then home early to bed. Tomorrow will be a big day on foot. Canterbury Cathedral is the oldest in England, older than the 1500 Weaver House.

JH Felixstowe to Canterbury 066

A good but hard first day. I will take a few to get into a routine and away from the motorway traffic.


  1. Yay! You both arrived ok. :-)
    I bet Olga was glad to see you. Now for the adventure to begin!
    Have a great holiday,

  2. I see Janice has been very busy with the camera!
    See you soon.

  3. Not fair!! Wish I was there! Love to go to Coventry. P.T.

  4. glad to see you arrived safely.scenery looks amazing,pubs even better

    hope the bike is still going cheers garth