Monday, March 28, 2011

IOM 2011

The tour has begun.Thursday 10th March and Olga is on holidays. After many test rides and late nights in the shed there was nothing more to do except give her a clean and polish, pack the tools and our riding gear and go to Sydney.

 We didn't have to be in Sydney till 11am so a 6am start had me there in time for a cup of coffee and a chance to meet a few other lucky ones. Julie and Ian from Coonamble, a couple from Orange and a few others.

There are 35 bikes leaving from Sydney, 2 containers. 20 in the first one and 15 in the second. Lucky Olga went in the second one so the side car didn't have to be removed.YIPEE. Andrew, who works for Dave Milligan had us helping get the bikes loaded as there were a few that were in storage at the container depot and he needed a hand to wheel them all down to the loading area. We were probably more a hinderance than help but it was nice to be asked to help and it gave us a chance to see our bikes loaded.

Olga has about 7 weeks in the container. Hope she isnt claustraphobic or gets sea sick.

Looking forward to picking her up on the 9th May in Felixstowe, UK.

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